What you don’t know…

The old saying is what you don’t know can’t hurt you.  When the topic is Cyber Security this isn’t just irresponsible it is potentially dangerous.  Even so, in a recent article (link below), over 31% of security teams interviewed don’t speak with “Executives” around their process’, security measures, risks, etc.   In addition, the same article highlights that only 38% of security professionals globally believe that there is enough money being spent on cyber security.  Money clearly isn’t the answer to everything, but these numbers would suggest a large number of business executives are taking an ostrich like approach with their head in the sand.  The question is are you one of them?  Ask yourself some simple questions:

When was the last time I had a read out on our security preparedness?

When was the last time that we did a review of our security policy?

When was the last time we had an external audit completed to identify gaps in our security measures?


My bet is that for many, the answers to the above range from” never” to “not in the last two years”.  New Security threats are identified daily, the days of loading up some anti-virus on your PC and calling it good are over.  The question you have to ask is “what don’t you know?”