What do I do with a Gig?

I recently got an offer in the mail from a carrier offering to bring 1 Gigabit Internet access into my home.  My existing 30Mb service is sufficient for streaming movies, downloading music, and supplying bandwidth to my two teenage girls who are permanently connected to electronic devices. That being said, I never once thought to myself “wow, this internet is slow”. That could be because I still remember the days when 28.8 kbps was smoking fast, but I have to wonder – “Why do I need a Gig?” I’m sure there are folks out there downloading the library of congress before the aliens corrupt all of the documents, or have large bandwidth requirements for some other sane reason.  And there may soon be applications developed that drive the need for this kind of bandwidth in the future, I just don’t need it today.

That being said, how does this correlate to a business? We frequently see customers who get “over sold.” They buy speeds they don’t need, redundancy for non-critical applications, etc. In many cases there are legitimate business needs, but we believe a solid review of your Telecom and I.T. Infrastructure will help you understand the appropriateness of your environment and allow you to ensure dollars are spent where they are most effective.

Question of the day: Why do I need a gig?


Jeff Waters