Self Service – Boon or Bust?

As you can see from the attached article, many companies are pursuing a “self-service” support model in an effort to streamline costs and gain efficiencies. We definitely see that dynamic the carrier space – service providers are continuously rationalizing their customer support and putting more self-service tools directly in the hands of customers. Having more control and visibility into your network is a great benefit, however, when there is a request or issue that doesn’t fit the carrier’s self-service model, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the attention and necessary support from the carrier. This often leads customers to increase costs in an effort to “cover” for a perceived turn down in service or availability at these critical points. There are alternatives and we believe our “Technology Lifecycle Management” process is one way to solve for this issue without arbitrarily increasing costs. For more information contact Jeff Waters at 303-792-2020, or send him an e-mail.